Physical Education

Ms. Thiel is the Physical Education teacher at P.S. 326. Physical education (PE) is a required academic subject that teaches participation in lifelong, health-enhancing physical activity. In PE, students learn to work as a team, develop healthy personal fitness habits, and set fitness goals now and throughout their lives. PE is not recess, or a before- or after-school sports club.

PE is:

  • A regular class scheduled during the school day.

  • Taught by a certified, licensed DOE teacher.

  • Instruction on a wide range of skills, not just sports .

  • Based on a curriculum, with established learning standards (for more information, please visit the New York City K-5 Physical Education Scope and Sequence )

PE and Learning

Research shows that:

  • Daily physical activity and PE can improve academic achievement.

  • Students who are physically fit do better on tests.

  • Physically active students have better attention spans, classroom behavior, and attendance.

  • PE can improve the school climate.