NYC Deptartment of Education Cell Phone Policy

February, 2015

Dear Families,

The New York City Department of Education has recently amended their policy on cell phones. Students are now permitted to have a cell phone at school. Although we understand the importance of being able to communicate with your child while you may be at work, we strongly urge you to think very carefully before giving a young student the tremendous responsibility of caring for a cell phone. If you choose to entrust your child with a cell phone please go over the following rules with them:

• Remind your child not to permit other students to handle or make calls with the phone.

• Remind your child that a cell phone is not a toy and you should set parental controls concerning making calls and data usage.

• Remind your child that the phone should not be taken out of their book bag on the bus.

Please be aware that the cell phone may NOT be turned on or used during school hours and will remain in your child’s book bag so that instruction will not be interrupted. Furthermore, P.S. 326 will not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen cell phones.


Melissa B. Fontanelli