Quality Review Reports


The Quality Review is a one or two day school visit by an experienced educator to New York City schools. During the review, the reviewer visits classrooms, talks with parents, students, teachers, and school leaders, and uses a rubric to evaluate how well the school is organized to support student achievement.

The Quality Review was developed to assist New York City Department of Education schools in raising student achievement. The process is designed to look behind a school’s performance statistics to ensure that the school is engaged in effective methods of accelerating student learning.

Before a reviewer visits a school, the school’s leadership completes a self-evaluation based on the Quality Review rubric. Reviewers draw upon this document and other school data during conversations they have with principals, teachers, students, and parents during the school visit. Reviewers have these conversations to develop a well-rounded perspective of the way in which schools use information about outcomes to guide teaching, set goals for improvement, and make adjustments (e.g. to the curriculum or via the use of resources).

After the site visit, the school receives a Quality Review Report that is published on its DOE website. The process will assess all indicators of the Quality Review rubric, but the Quality Review Report will formally report on five indicators of the rubric (1.1, 1.2, 2.2, 3.4, 4.2). Reviews will culminate in indicator ratings for these five areas and a written report, but it will not yield an overall rating. The report provides the school community with evidence-based information about the school's development and serves as a source of feedback for the school leadership to improve the school's support for students.

You can view the P.S. 326 Quality Review Summary by clicking a link below:

P.S. 326 Quality Review Report 2014-2015

P.S. 326 Quality Review Summary from 2011-2012