District 22 Art Show 2016

Welcome to the 1st Annual District 22 Art Show

This is a showcase of the exceptional talent of the students in our outstanding district.

We would like congratulate our students on all of their hard work and dedication.

We expect nothing but the best from our students and

we are certain that it is very evident by the body of work shown here today.

Thank you to the families of our artists for entrusting us with your children.

Our job is much easier knowing you support your children in their artistic endeavors.

There are several styles of art present in this show including:

Portraiture/Gesture, Still Life, Expressions in Positive and Negative Space, Landscapes, and Sculpture.

Thank you again for attending our show

and for supporting the visual arts!

Click the link below to view the Art Work that was presented at the show:

District 22 Art Show 2016